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Have you wondered why your horse stud just doesn’t present above “the fold” on a Google search?  You never imagined, that the appealing website that you have launched promoting your horse stud, has not generated any further business for you? Or, at the very least enquiries regarding your stallion?

Are you looking for a realistic solution for your advertising budget? That’s affordable and will accelerate traffic(enquiries) to your website?  Are you sick of your advertising getting lost amongst the glossies during the 2 months of the year that everybody promotes their stallion? 

As stud owners ourselves, we know the frustrations of paying money for a “u-beaut” website and not understanding why something that looks so good doesn’t pay dividends for the investment made getting it on the internet.

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Having changed equine disciplines more than once, we know how hard it is to find a new stallion, in our area, especially when we are not knowledgeable on what’s around.  So stop leaving your stud to word of mouth advertising.

You know the principles when choosing the right conformation in a stallion, but are you aware there are “principles” that apply when putting up a website in order to generate interest (traffic) to your horse stud?  At the Equine Directory we have made it Fast and Easy for prospective clients to find your stud with confidence on the internet.

There are still a lot of people not wanting to leave their valuable mare in someone else’s care, or could be looking to negotiate a great rate for an in/out service on the day.  Up until now, they couldn’t search the internet for all the horse studs, relating to a certain breed in their area.  On the Equine Directory we’ve achieved this!

It’s amazing how quickly your stock builds up, and all of a sudden you need to have a dispersal sale.  Finding somewhere that’s quick and convenient to list your quality horses isn’t easy.  At the Equine Directory we include a value-add page, enabling you to promote your stallion all year, and advertising your dispersal sales, FREE for the first 12 months!

There are still some studs, who have not ventured into a website, and that’s OK, we can personalise your stud, providing all the details you would normally put on a website, and you don’t need to maintain or pay any extra for this service.

Would you be interested in being paid to promote our Equine Directory?  This is a genuine request!  Click on this affiliate link for more details.

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